O’Connor House Board Recruiting Campaign

October 31st, 2015  

January 15, 2015

Bulletin! The O’Connor House organization is conducting a recruiting campaign.

Involvement in O’Connor House can come in different forms:

Voting Board member: one of 7 defined roles in our by-laws as either a stated position (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer or Secretary) or Director. These roles are on a 3 year term with appointments at the Annual General Meeting or by a quorum of 4 Voting Board members in between AGMs. Board meetings take place monthly or as required and are face-to-face but sometimes via telecon.

Non-Voting Board member: we can target up to 5 at any time but there is no specified limit in the by-laws. Tasks/projects/committees are defined as required. These roles are appointed by a majority of the Voting Board members.

Committee lead: for example Community Partners liaison, building operations, marketing/promotions, memberships, fundraising, communications, programming, etc. These roles typically reports into the Board but it is not a requirement to sit on the Board

Volunteer: assigned to specific tasks/projects/actions as required and will be guided/mentored by the Board or a Committee Lead

As for the time commitment in any of these categories, it depends first on how much the person wants to put into their assigned role but we also need to balance what is required by the organization to meet our objectives. In the end, if the person has the interest and time, we can find a role that matches their skill sets and objectives from joining our organization leadership.

Most importantly, someone who joins the OCH organization in one of these roles should have an affiliation and connection with the O’Connor House strategy, mission, vision and values.

The person does not need to live or work in the area of the O’Connor House property but there would be the requirement for periodic travel to O’Connor House for meetings, events and to resolve operational issues.

If you want to learn more about this project or our organization, please send your input to info@oconnorhouse.ca or call us at 416-519-2184.

Tony Wagner Chair, O’Connor House Board of Directors

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